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Email to Fax Description

Bavo Network fax server Email to Fax enables you to send faxes to any fax number with an Internet email account. It accepts emails with a PDF or TIFF attachment without having to print documents for faxing, and faxes them through Bavo to a number specified in a subject field of the email.
Bavo Email to Fax makes sending fax easier and a lot more convenient than ever before as you will save time by skipping the print job and the job to the fax machine, meanwhile you do not even have to be in the office to send the fax and it requires no additional software on your PC.
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  Email to Fax Benefits
No special client software need to download
When use Email to Fax service, you will never need to download any client software. It is as easy as sending an email. You just need to attach one or multiple fax files, put the information in the email body and send out the email message.
Save time and money
Bavo email to fax makes you save cost on Paper, toner and fax machine. What’s more, a big cost saving for the Email to fax is time, you don’t need to walk to the fax machine to send the fax, increase your productivity.
Convenience and easy to access
The Email to Fax can be easily accessed from anywhere and at anytime with internet connection, you can send faxes from any email application (with PCs, Cell phones. Mobile or wireless devices that can send email) all over the world without the need for a fax machine.


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