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Mass Fax

Mass fax, also known as bulk fax or fax blasting, it enables you to send one fax document electronically or more to hundreds of recipients at the same time. Mass fax is one of the fastest and cost effective means of direct marketing, it allows you to target instantly thousands of prospective customers, national or international.
Mass fax service is a high effective means of marketing and communicating to a specific target market. It is significantly faster, easier and frequently much less expensive. You don’t need to print out the documents, save paper cost and time as well as improve business processes.
mass fax
Easy to use and setup
By using the mass fax, you just need to upload the fax documents to be sent, included the list of recipients and send them through the web interface.
Detailed result report
When you submitted the mass fax job, the fax processing status can be monitored in the fax server interface and delivery results will be recorded in the fax server’s log.
Effective advertising and marketing
Bavo mass fax is a great way to boost the marketing effort. It ensures you reach people and businesses in your target market, in a simple, reliable and cost effective manner.


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