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Bavo Print to Fax enables you to send faxes from any windows application which has internet connection, by printing directly to Bavo fax server. The Bavo Print to Fax supports run on Windows XP, Windows Vista & 7, you just need to download and install the printer driver, use your account and password to login and send a fax.
It is very easy to send a fax with Print to Fax service, you just need to open the fax document to be sent, select the "Print to Fax" printer, input the recipient’s fax number then click send. What’s more important, faxes can be printed to multiple recipients at the same time, and any document format which your PC’s normally printer supports could be used as a fax message.
  print to fax
  The benefits of Print to Fax
Easy installation and use
Bavo Print to Fax installation is simple, you just need to download the printer drive from the web and install it. It appears like a printer after installation, so you can send fax from any windows internet-enabled application to any fax number, national or international. All of this is accomplished as easily as printing.
Combine different file documents into a single fax
The Print to fax service can combine different fax document from any application into a single outgoing fax. Each file formats can be combined into a single fax, there is no need to send these documents separately. Increase your productivity.
More effective
The Print to Fax enables you fax to multiple recipients at the same time, just a click of the mouse. Meanwhile, you can fax anything that your computer’s normal printer supports to any number worldwide.


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